About Us

Hüseyin Öztürk has been operating in the socks sector since 1982. Öztürk bought the products of 2006 by Rapsodi Çorap Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti. Sti. the pioneer of today’s hosiery industry with its knowledge and experience in the manufacturing industry. Rapsodi, which has a significant share in the domestic market with its production variety and quality products, produces socks for the world’s leading brands.

In 2018, in one of the leading production centers of the sector in Istanbul, Beylikdüzü Organized Industrial Zone, people-oriented and respectful to nature company. Rapsodi moved to the factory in 12,493 m², our team with the team aim at high quality standards and customer satisfaction.

Rapsodi, with its understanding of R & D and lean production, does not compromise its quality and is proceeding to be one of the most powerful companies in socks socks manufacturer in Turkey, men, women and children.

Our Quality Standard

As Rapsodi Socks, we believe that quality is the main part of the production process as a whole from supply chain to sales management and we perform production under strict rules of quality management based on social compliance criteria.


To provide the values and service expected by our customers in the business process including creating, producing and marketing quality products and services in the sector.


To be perceived and remembered as a company that pre-determines needs and expectations, is innovative, developmental, attaches importance to quality, is competitive and strengthens its brand value day by day.



Rapsodi Çorap, which has an important place in the socks sector with its quality and experience, strengthens its position in the market with its continuity and maintains its responsibility with the “Always Better, the Best”.

Rapsodi, we adopted the principle of acting lean and transparent at every stage of production.

Rapsodi, with its innovative approach that does not compromise its quality and puts it in the center of R & D and lean production, is taking firm steps towards becoming one of the most powerful companies in the socks sector of Turkey, men, women and children.